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Fence Repair & Maintenance

Repairing fences can be quick and easy or complex and long term. Depending on the extent of the damage of course and also the material that the fence is made out of. Most of the times the issues that will require extensive repairs can be attributed to isolated events. For example, if we had heavy rain and that caused an issue where the fence was hit by something because of the heavy winds or just sunk in the mud then you would certainly need a repair. Other than that, for the most part, we get calls about maintenance more than we get calls about large scale repairs.

The Type of Fence Is Key
There are certain fences that are easier to repair. In the same scenario if you had large rocks hit your vinyl or wooden fences and these were damaged we can simply remove that particular section and replace it with new materials or straighten out the damaged areas and put them back together. Since most of the fences that we build are going to be divided into sections it is going to be a lot easier to just sort of cut out the part that is damaged and put in a new one. When we are dealing with fences that are built in one piece the process is certainly different. 

It Doesn’t Have To Be One of Our Creations
You may have bought a home that came with a fence already. After some time this fence can develop a problem yet you have no idea who built the fence in the first place. There is no need to really worry about that. We are going to be able to come in and lend a hand regardless of whether or not the fence was built by us in the first place or not.

Landslides or Similar Issues
Soil is never static. Making the mistake to think that it is can be deadly to your fence. When we build fences we are going to want to make sure that they are embedded deep enough into the ground to where you are not going to have a problem if the soil happens to shift a bit. When there is a major even though fences can really get worn down by soil erosion. If this is something that has happened to an existing fence that you have, give us a call or contact us. So that we will be able to help you come up with a solution.

How Often Is Maintenance Required? 
The actual number is going to depend on the type of fence that we are dealing with. We are not going to want to stain a wooden fence 3 times a year. If someone is recommending that, be careful. Maybe once every 6 months we can come around and give everything a look. At times just a thorough cleaning is going to be what is needed. We are not always going to have to paint or make repairs.