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Fence Removal

At times if there is an existing fence and we are going to be building one in its place it is only obvious that we would have to remove a fence to be able to build another one. This happens to us a lot when we are setting up animal fences or livestock fences. Some people want to go ahead and basically modernize their fencing. This job is relatively easy though when we are dealing with the typical wire fences that are most of the time used in ranches and other outdoor places. It may not be as easy when we are dealing with other fences  that are embedded deeper into the ground. 

How We Do It
To remove a fence there are basically two ways to do it. There are times where we are going to dig out the fence. Where we are going to be literally going in and digging pretty much a trench around the fence until we get to the level that the base located in and then we are just going to go ahead pluck everything out. Since a lot of fences are pretty much held together by poles we may just have to make sure that we dig out the poles and the rest of the fence is going to come along with them.

What We Typically Don’t Do
Many of you may have been reading through the last paragraph thinking that these methods to remove a fence were going to completely mess up the lawn or whatever is up against the fence. To avoid this what can be done is to just basically cut through certain fences and leave some of the poles that are embedded deeper behind. This is something that you could potentially do with chain-link fences. Wood fences can also be taken down like this. It is not ideal though since that metal wood is just always going to be stuck in the ground.

We Take Out The Trash
When you ask us to do any type of job we want to make sure that we clean up after ourselves. When we are done the idea is that you won’t have to worry about a thing. That is pretty much why you would be paying us in the first place. So, when we remove a fence we make sure that we make arrangements to ensure that we are able to dispose of it in the proper manner.

Included in the Cost
This is certainly something that we have sort of alluded to at least a couple of times. If we need to remove the fence and build a new one this part of the process is going to be included in the overall cost. We want to make sure that when you hire us you have a clear idea of what the total cost is going to be. We are not one of those companies that uses some sleazy methods to try and get you to sing on the dotted line promising one price only to hit you with extra charges down the road.