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There are two main needs that a fence fulfills: the first and most obvious need is for security and to set a clear boundary around your property. It does not mean that you always have to build fences that resemble a maximum security prison. Yet, safety is certainly one of the most important needs that a fence covers. On the other hand, a fence also needs to look the part. A beautifully set and finished fence adds curb appeal and beauty. There are many different ways that this can be accomplished. If you are looking for a fencing contractor in Rapid City, SD, to get the job done for you, you have certainly come to the right place.

About Us

What is different about Rapid City Fencing Company? It is really simple- we understand the two needs of safety and beauty better than anyone around. By doing so, we can help you with the decision-making and the actual job of putting up a fence. Time and time again, we have seen how certain fences don’t stand the test of time well. The do-it-yourself trend wants to make people believe that setting up all sorts of fences is super easy. It is not rocket science by any means, but there are a couple of do’s and don’ts that you need to know. What we offer is just a way to guarantee that you will have a great-looking fence that will also stand up to the test of time. For many, many years, it has been our privilege to serve our beautiful community of Rapid City, SD, and the surrounding area. Our reputation with our happy customers speaks for itself, so let us earn your trust and business as well! 

Our Services

Our fencing services include any and every issue you may have during the lifetime of your fence. From putting up a new fence to tearing down an old one and everything in between, we have you covered! That also includes many different fencing materials that we can offer you. We can work with wrought iron fences, chain link fences, wooden fences, vinyl fences, and so on. If you happen to have any type of issue with a particular fence or you need one built you can give us a call. Rapid City Fencing Company is here for all of your fencing needs!

These fences are available in two, three, or four rail styles. It is also possible to get the vinyl rails in a wide variety of colors and get them customized. Pool fencing is available as well. These types have to comply with the building codes are built accordingly. Most of the time, the minimum height of these fences is four feet with picket spacing at a level of fewer than four inches apart. Before installing these, it would be prudent to consider the coding of your complex or the neighborhood. Vinyl also will not be as easy to mold as other materials. With a good pressure wash, a vinyl fence looks as good as new! Vinyl fences can also be built in numerous shapes, styles, and sizes too! Call us today for a free estimate and with all your vinyl fencing questions!

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are a great fencing material option for a lot of reasons. Vinyl fences come in any color, so match your home and compliment your landscaping. They are often made with wood grain, giving the look and feel of real wood, yet without the vulnerability to the elements that wood has. Often your fence is in the path of your sprinklers, which can present possible damage, warping, and rotting – if your fence is wet. Yet, this is a fence that will not require a lot of maintenance and is waterproof. If you do not happen to be as familiar with vinyl fences, then you may not be aware of the potential styles provided with the material. These range from the traditional to the modern and privacy types of fencing. You can also choose according to the height and the color preferred for the fence.

For example, there is vinyl privacy fencing. If the goal is to get a dose of privacy, then vinyl privacy fences are the way to go with no gaps between the pickets. These are sturdy yet affordable and come available with varying heights from four to six feet. For those who live on the farm, vinyl ranch rails are a good alternative. They will keep your horses and other farm animals protected.

Wooden Fences

You just can’t beat a classic. Although it can be said that typically wooden fences are going to need a decent amount of maintenance, quality paint and stain can defer that maintenance for several years or more. It all starts with the quality of wood you first build your fence with. Then you build upon that with a high-quality stain or paint, and your fence will stand the test of time for more years to come. The main reason why wood is popular is that it is environmentally friendly and aligns with the eco-friendly sustainability initiative. The material is reusable and completely biodegradable, so there are no problems that would come from the potential disposal needs. Wood fences are absolutely beautiful and add value and increase curb appeal.

When you think about the adorable cottage home, it is usually surrounded by a great white picket fence. It is this which helps wood fences to blend in well with any landscape. The perfect stain color can complement your home and make your landscaping pop. Wood fences are also incredibly versatile in their use. When it comes to other material types, it is impossible to adjust the lengths after ordering. It is because the parameters are already fixed at the production point. On the other hand, the wooden fences allow one to cut down on that if you do not like what has been provided. It helps, especially if you have a sloping yard or a valley. Wood fencing is cost-effective as well because the material is lightweight and does not generally cost a lot to install or amend. It is good, though, to understand that wood is delicate, and so there are maintenance costs that you will have to factor in during the purchase, like the need to paint and stain.

It also needs to be treated so it would be resistant to both moisture and infestation because these are degrading factors. Wood fencing is also easy to repair. Harsh weather can sometimes cause splintering or cracks, but we can do the restoration, and your fence will be good as new in no time.

We can help you with making choices on the height and style of your fence too! Nosy neighbors or small pets? You would most benefit from a privacy fence! Have livestock around your house? Then you are probably looking for a three rail farm fence. Call us with your wood fencing questions, and we will answer them! We can also get you a free estimate. Once your fence is installed, we also partner with the best fence painters Rapid City SD has to offer!

Here also does not entail a lot of maintenance. Any potential repairs as needed can be done by replacing the damaged place with new links. A simple hose will help keep things clean while the fence presents a pleasing appearance for the business. When it comes to maintenance practices, you should still take care to cut back the vegetation. Vines and other climbing shrubs can prove to be a nuisance as they would use the fence as a means of support. In the long run, they would also compromise the structural integrity of the fence. Installing a chain link fence correctly and soundly is the most important key to having a fence that will still be standing in a decade. Our fencing contractors are meticulous and detail-oriented, ensuring that your fence is installed correctly and securely the first time. Call us today for a free estimate! We are happy to answer any chain link fence questions you may have!

Chain Link Fences

Sometimes your fencing needs more security and durability – then you will require a chain-link fence. Chain link fences are often sought out for ballparks, adding security in a storage unit facility, keeping pets contained, or much more! Chain link fences are affordable and can be painted in any color to match the exterior of your property. If durability is your desire, then chain link fences are the way to go. Chain link fences are metallic, so they can’t be destroyed by infections or pests. It also does not attract any debris or dirt, so there is never a need for painting or staining as well. Other than sweeping cobwebs and leaves, there is not a lot that would be done to maintain the quality of the fence. 

Chain link fences are also cheaper though they are metallic in nature. The reason for it is the components are a bit inexpensive while the installation is a bit simple. If you are looking for a bold statement or a definite boundary that has visibility but would not want a premium, then chain link fences are the way to go. Chain link fences are also good for security. When properly installed, they are very hard to breach. Sometimes known as a hurricane fence, these fences are made from interlocking or galvanized steel wires which are then attached to poles and set in the ground. The great thing is that the open structure leads to good visibility, but it is quite hard to penetrate. Chain link fences are preferred for high-security areas, including commercial properties.

Wrought Iron Fences

Nothing says elegance and class like a wrought iron fence. Wrought iron fences are timeless and classic – they have been the picture of wealth for centuries. These gorgeous fences can withstand the test of time because of the quality of materials they are installed with and the quality of workmanship it is done with. They are powerful, and that makes them one of the prime options for security fences. It is common to see commercial properties having wrought iron gates and fences rather than a wooden one. They are tough to get through because they do not offer as many avenues, the same way as chain link fences. If you are looking for a reliable and robust material, then wrought iron is the option you want to go with. Wrought iron also happens to be unobtrusive.

You can compare the beauty that comes with wrought iron fences with the beauty of a tall wood privacy-oriented fence. Wrought iron has better curb appeal considering the visibility of the design. They tend to be ornate in such a timeless way, so it will last past the occurring trends that fade in and out. Wrought iron can also be customized in such a way that would suit your particular preferences regarding the home’s look. There are many choices of design and style you can consider as compared to timber, where the distinguishing attribute, in this case, would be the paint that is found on the slats. Some of the popular available options that we can provide for iron fences include the decorative-inspired semi-circular options, leafy patterns, and baroque florals. These work the blend fencing in such a way that is similar to the natural surroundings. Some of the color options include the traditional black and white, the understated greens, or the wild concept varieties present in the more vivid types of homes. If you have a pattern or idea in mind, then we can probably get something that matches your desire. It is one of the significant points of difference from the other fencing materials as well. The great thing about the material is it happens to be malleable during the formative stages. That means it is possible to mold into the custom design, make certain the home is unique, and showcase personal style.

These fences also make it better for plant viewing in the form of landscaping. It is not completely unusual to view hedges and other climbing plants growing along the wrought iron fencing. Landscapers tend to utilize wrought iron as a base from which climbing vines can exploit. These are great for border hedges and another shrubbery which would strongly communicate the owner’s privacy. They are great shielding if you don’t want any prying eyes within the property as it assists in muffling the neighborhood noise. At Rapid City Fencing Company, we are careful to use both quality materials and workmanship. We can obtain top-of-the-line materials to build a wrought iron fence that can cover your property for a long time. Call us today with all of your wrought iron fencing questions or to schedule a free estimate!

Our professional team can inspect the damage incurred and give a recommendation considering the way to go so that your insurance will get an estimate on what it is going to take for repairs to be done. The sooner that these are done, the sooner the compensation can be provided from your provider.

We can also help you maintain your beautiful fence. When the integrity of the stain or paint on your fence begins to weaken, it needs to be refinished. Stain and paint serve as a barrier to protect your fence from rain, snow, sprinklers, and much more. Of course, before staining or painting your fence, we will prep it. We are proficient in sandblasting, sanding, and pressure washing and will evaluate your fence needs to get it ready to absorb the stain or paint best. Taking this step to first carefully prep your fence, helps ensure that the stain and paint adhere better to the wood to last for many more years. No matter how big of an issue you seem to be facing, we have a solution for you. Call us for a free estimate today!

Fence Repair & Maintenance

If you happen to have any issue with virtually any type of fence, we have a solution. Whether it be replacing an entire fence or making those slight adjustments that are at times needed to make sure that the fence will be able to hold up. We can handle all fence repairs from a leaning anchor post to a broken board in a privacy fence. Over the course of time, the fence may experience increased wear and tear because of weathering. Though, there may be significant issues at first, the problems will become worse and worse. At the end of it, you may need much more in terms of care than what was initially required. You may end up spending much more for a replacement, and no one needs that. 

Some of the reasons for fence maintenance and repair include having bugs eat or nest within the fence posts. It may be a significant problem if you have an insect infestation. Things like wasps, bees, and termites could be setting up their nests and hives within the boards or posts. That would lead to issues for the fence and perhaps the house as well. Termite damage on wooden fences can be extensive over time. Fence maintenance also serves a functional purpose. Each day that the fence is compromised is a day the home becomes less secure. If the objective is to sell the house, then a broken or mismanaged fence will function as one of the main deterrents to buyers because they will feel there is much to be done in terms of upgrading the home. Compensation is also a valid factor you need to consider. The fence is insured under your homeowner’s policy. Delaying the repairs to the fence may lead to significant damage, especially if the fence is gradually degrading, so that delay will improve the chances that an insurance claim would not be approved.

Fence Removal

There are specific “techniques” that can make removing a fence a reasonably easy task. That being said, this can also turn into a massive mess pretty quickly. If you want to ensure that your fence will be properly removed without trying to tear it up yourself, you can give us a call. Once we are done, we can take away all of the remaining trash and help you plan the rebuilding process. This service can also be part of one of our installation services. As we would obviously need to tear down what is there to build something new in its place.
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I work constantly with Rapid City Fencing Company having them install chain link fences that I use mostly temporarily for my business. For me, the price checks out over renting. – Tom S.

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